We are a prominent global player in crude oil and refined petroleum products.

We are a prominent global player in crude oil and refined petroleum products. In a highly volatile environment, we take the necessary steps to mitigate market risk for our clients and our stakeholders. We create balance in the oil market by moving energy products efficiently to where they are most needed.

Our business is split into three segments: crude oil, refined products and LNG.

We trade in various types of crude, including light, medium and heavy crude oil from across the globe. In the refined products segment, we deal with light ends/distillates such as LPG, naphtha and gasoline; middle distillates such as gas oil and jet fuel, superior kerosene and heavy bottoms such as LSFO, LSHS and bitumen (asphalt).

We have also recently embarked on a special products segment focusing on petroleum coke, sulphur and various petro-chemical products.


Trading Segments

Our business model is based on strategic partnerships with key global energy operators. Our ambition is to grow sustainably through long-term trade arrangements with our counterparties. We source products from various markets such as Latin America, Middle East & Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our pricing models use deep data analysis as well as core market understanding. Beyond traditional market quotations, we are able to structure tailored solutions according to our client’s needs.

Crude Oil
We source crude oil from multiple producers and manage the whole supply chain (including transportation, starage and financing) before we deliver to our clients.
Refined Products
We are particularly focused on Latin America, Africa, and the Far East. Our customers include national oil companies, oil majors, trading houses, fuel distributors and power plants. We adapt our offer to our customer base according to the fuel specification that is appropriate for their region.
Middle Distillates
We are involved in the middle distillates markets despite structural imbalances in global supply and demand, to which we adapt continuously.
Fuel Oil
We believe that strong relationships are particularly important to our fuel oil business. We remain appraised of market developments through our local presence in all major bunkering hubs.