A leading energy company helping clients meet the world’s ever-changing energy requirements.

about renovo energy


Renovo is a privately-owned energy trading company that specializes in crude oil and refined petroleum products.
Being part of a large group of companies, we are uniquely placed to take advantage of our knowledge and infrastructure.
We have a strong presence throughout the supply chain and are very involved in origination, transportation, and storage. We also facilitate commodity financing as well as reverse trading of refined products.
Renovo is licensed as a Labuan International Commodity Trading Company (LITC) by the Labuan FSA (LITC/20/0068) (under the Global Incentives for Trading (GIFT) Programme.



Our Vision

Become a world-renowned energy trading powerhouse with global presence.

Create economic value to our stakeholders.

Evolve as a trusted business partner that is respected for compliance & ethical principles.

Our Mission

Strike a balance between supply and demand and move energy products efficiently around the world. ·      

Guarantee sustainable relationships with our counterparties.

Adopt prudent strategies that assuage market volatility.

Corporate Governance

Our energy trading business subjects us to a lot of compliance with regulatory authorities across the globe. Virtually all our business operations are impacted by regulations relating to health and safety, emissions and environmental standards, international trade and political sanctions, as well as exchange and financial risks (futures and derivatives). Health, Safety and Environment are three overriding considerations of our business.