Commercial solar power

Everything you need under one roof

Expert Engineering

We begin with a Site Survey and Comprehensive Engineering Assessment. Our team includes Mechanical and Electrical Engineers with over 50 years of design experience.

Roofing Expertise

Our Roofing Experts protect your warranty, determine the best methods for installation and provide expertise if your project also requires a new roof.

Solar Panel Modules

We source high-efficiency 250 and 300 Watt Solar Panels. Built right here in Michigan, they are Michigan Incentive Renewable Energy Credit (IREC) qualified by the MPSC.

Panel Installation

We offer a full-service Design and Installation Service, including on-site Project Management. With thirty-five years of installation experience, our team is ready address any issues that may arise.

Grid Integration

Our State-of-the-Art Inverters offer industry leading efficiency, and seamlessly integrate your Solar PV system with the utility grid. Any excess energy is directed safely back to the grid and credited to your utility account.

System Monitoring

Renovo’s Watch-A-Watt Monitoring and Tracking System enables end-users and installers to view their renewable energy system production.

You’re already paying for electricity. Why not pay yourself instead?

Energy costs are rising. If you currently pay more than $1000 per month for electricity, you're in a mandated contract costing you more $400,000 over the next 20 years. A Solar PV system generates clean electricity from natural sunlight, reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and protecting you from rising energy costs. Why pay the electric company when you could invest in your energy future?

Solar is more affordable than you think

Renovo Energy utilizes Strategic Partnerships, Current Tax Credits and Specialty Financing to create Positive Cash Flow on day one. You could save over 50% of your already budgeted energy expenses.

Say goodbye to up-front costs

Our financing partners help our customers invest in solar power with minimal up-front costs. With 100% up-front financing available to qualifying businesses, you can go green without going in the red.

About US

Turnkey Solutions by Experts the Experts Trust

Renovo Energy, LLC was created to Develop and Implement Innovative Solutions for Commercial, Industrial, and Utility scale Projects. Our team offers unmatched breadth and depth of experience in Engineering, Roofing, Solar Installation, Proprietary Assembly, and Monitoring to achieve Maximum Value from our Custom Commercial Solar PV Systems.

  • Experience

    Decades of Experience in Solar and Allied Fields

  • Quality

    Highest Quality Components and workmanship set us apart from the competition

  • Convenience

    Complete Project Management from Design to Commissioning

  • Financing

    Established relationships with lending institutions that specialize in efficient and renewable technologies

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